Workshop Review(8) — The Meeting For The Entrepreneur Future

We all have our own perspective, so our focus should be on making things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. Those lines have gone round and round in my mind since I graduated from college. Years later, I have finally decided to join a startup team to polish my entrepreneurial skills for future use. Hence, thereby this meeting is the start.

Right at the outset, the Instructor Sun preaches business gospel so that all members can keep the same business mindset as their focus. This is a crucial aspect of mental business development. Taking into consideration the fact that by the third year of your career journey, you will have found out that hard work doesn’t actually lead to success as you may previously have believed. Do you know why that is? Because ultimately working smart is what paves the way up the career ladder of success. This is however, provided that you start off with the correct business mindset as your first step. If we analyze this business mindset closely, we will find that it focuses mainly on achieving goals instead of absorbing knowledge. It also ensures that the individual makes personal progress in additional to secular progress from time to time.

Nevertheless, the business mindset requires time and patience because it is unlike a plant whose seeds can sprout up overnight. In order to establish this mindset on firm soil so to speak so that it takes root, stepping out of your comfort zone is the first action required on your part. We also need to view the progress from a managerial perspective. Alternatively an entrepreneurial perspective is best. This also reminds me of Terry Gou’s quote “Dream Big To Achieve Big “. So, on a personal note, I feel that this creates the difference between people who work hard to reach greater heights in their respective careers compared to people who just get by in life.

On the other hand, leadership is another aspect we need to focus on. This is a must especially when operating a team effectively and with a specific purpose. In addition to this, have you ever noticed that the forms of leadership we encounter follow a specific company hierarchy, so this is something we must put up with even when it appears to be unnecessary. However, most teams have no hierarchy, so our focus should be on creating an environment of development and growth. So the key ingredient in a team is teamwork. That brings to mind a quote by Simon Sinek, “Leadership Is A Choice, Not A Rank,”

In a sense we also need to let bygones be bygones, so we can appreciate our future by not holding on to the moment we are in. At the end of the meeting, we have to set up our OKR, so we need to keep a detailed list and brainstorm how to overcome any barriers we might face. Additionally we can map out the pros and cons to determine which is the best course of action for us. To score a touchdown means you will come up against various hurdles that you need to overcome to reach success.



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