Workshop Review(2) — How To Make A Professional Business E-mail ?

Foreign trade is Taiwan’s main solution since the Nation’s commercial growth has collapsed. Hence, international trade happens regularly and the partnerships are closer than ever. Then e-mailing became the bridge to share the message and also became the key to build successful business networks. This is why making a suitable e-mail is a requirement in the present day. A concise e-mail does not only save our finite time, it also helps us establish the professional-oriented profile to impress clients.

For starters, the seven-hour class discussed the purpose. That refers to the receiver’s habits, culture, and so on. Afterward, analyzing the receiver’s character by studying history. Once you can walk in their shoes, I bet that is the only one step away from a professional business letter. In this case, the biggest impact for me is that I just send the email IMPRUDENTLY all the time. This reckless move has already put me into the unprofessional-oriented spot before sending it.

Then, imagining out the blueprint on the brain primarily. It must be shattered into three pieces including the beginning, description, and closing. Remember that all of the parts must be logically linked back to the foremost subject. Also, you must straight up to express the Target in the final. Otherwise, the letter with your expectation of returning will become the ‘’no reply letter’’. Most importantly, time is money in the 21st Century so don’t go on a tirade. In this part, amateurs including me just failed to express the Target in the end . I suppose that tells why I constantly wait for reply.

Eventually, execution is a tricky part for me. Even though a professional business e-mail can be formulated by the templates, but you still need to work with many different angles including proper manner, the correction of structure and so on. The e-mail is the display of your professional-oriented profile so you surely need to double-check before sending it. It is easy to plan writing but you would have to put much effort before mastering it. This is a small step for you and the other hand, one giant leap for the satisfaction of the clients.

If you’re still not sure how to start, these steps can help you craft a professional message :

  • Identify your goal and your audience
  • Keep it concise
  • Use proper etiquette
  • Proper e-mail formatting
  • Proofread before sending

Converting perspective into words, effectively and coherently formulating the idea, also assists me to catch business dynamics

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