Tech (6) — Apple Is About To Sell Macbook With TSMC-Made Microchips

For more than 30 years, Intel Inc. has dominated the chipmaking industry. Their microchips have powered electric devices in a way that has helped Intel Inc. become a multi-billion dollar industry along the way. Based on their success, Intel Inc. had the opportunity to partner with Apple Inc. fifteen years ago when they first installed their microchips into Apple products like the Macbook air or Macbook pro. However, this is now at an end. The epic marriage between Apple inc. and Intel inc. finally resulted in divorce in the year 2020.

Tim Cook, Apple Inc. CEO officially announced at the opening of Apple’s Annual Developer Conference on 22nd June, that Apple would now be working with TSMC(Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) designing microchips for Mac-chem products. To date, TSMC has been running the 5-Nanometer chip program for Apple’s latest iPhone figures in addition to being the only chipmaking supplier to keep up with Apple’s high-speed business strategy so far.

In recent years, the speed of Mac upgrades has slightly diminished because of a lack of chip advancement from Intel. Intel’s new chip program has been delayed at the very least until 2021. This delay has now become Apple’s Achilles’ Heel. The high-speed developing company has been forced to take a backseat while it waits on further instructions from Intel. Both of the aspects could explain why Apple has recently transitioned from Intel to TSMC. They have decided to rely more on the production of their own chips rather than on Intels. Intel inc. has now come under threat by a company that many Americans hadn’t even heard of prior to 2019. TSMC’s now monopolizes the chip manufacturing market as because of their expertise.

On a personal note, I believe this has been a long time coming. TSMC were bound to end up with Apple following their divorce, Apple being one of the most sought after brands in the chip manufacturing industry to date.

On 15th September 2020, Apple revealed their latest product, the new iPad Air and Apple Watch. This new iPad Air features an A14 silicon chip(N-5 chip) that was produced by TSMC. Apple has also claimed that it is the most advanced iPad to date and this new chip technology will significantly improve the performance of the iPad Air. As the latest products roll out from Apple and TSMC, they give us a glimpse into what the future has in store for us. In conclusion, it seems as if Apple and TSMC combined know exactly how to appeal to the masses through the development of technology.

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