Career Perspective (18 ) — The Consumption Of Knowledge Services Is Skyrocketing

Have you ever bought a book, but still don’t understand it after reading the whole book? Then, you choose to put the book on the bookshelf and never open it again. In this case, you only have access to the book when you thought you could gain knowledge from it. Actually, there is a better way to do it known as “Knowledge Services”. It refers to finding experts to explain the actual meaning for you or search instructional videos through the internet.

How do you teach people your knowledge?

There are two kinds of people who serve knowledge. One is the knowledge creator, and another is the knowledge transfer. Knowledge creators are likes newton, who created the theory of gravitation, and the knowledge is still their one and only to date. The only way to remember is to memorise it even though you still don’t understand the meaning.

On the other hand, a knowledge transfer, is like a teacher or a mentor. You can learn it from tips provided by specialists so you can absorb their highlights in a short time. Letting these knowledge transfers use their wisdom to help you quickly understand knowledge and explain how to use it the right way, it’s like serving you to understand knowledge.

Can my skills be profitable?

Oddly, those accounts are not run by properly educated facilities, and instead are updated by individual advanced specialists. But why would those specialists want to teach you for free? In the business world, the professional brand means trust, so they are building their professional brand by teaching. Then they could set their channel to subscription mode to sell their service, so the audience would be willing to pay for such advanced knowledge.


Life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you will get when you open it. That the best expresses to me the current situation caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus since 2020. However, we can still see that some people are trying to adjust to their environment by digitalising their skills into online classes, so their business won’t be stopped by the force majeure. In this period of the pandemic virus, some people are still looking for a way out, and another group of people have already embedded themselves into an extremely changeable situation and are trying to pave a different lane for the future.

Converting perspective into words, effectively and coherently formulating the idea, also assists me to catch business dynamics