Career Perspective (11) — Don’t Take Silence For Granted

Nodding to people as a greeting is a normal occurrence in Taiwan. This is also a commonly discussed cliche in the Western world. Not to mention the fact that we are still hiding under the makeup of an old media landscape. This encompasses the social distancing aspects that already existed in Asia for a really long time. This is the kind of view that I face on a daily basis at the office where I work. As a result, this habit has created a gap in communication between colleagues that has drastically increased the insecurity of loneliness.

At the office, I am considered one of the weirdest persons due to the fact that I am the only one willing to make small talk before a meeting or to even engage in the act of greeting people. Someone even had the audacity to call me an idiot when I was a probationary employment. However, this experience didn’t deter me rather it helped to build my character and this helped me to make new connections. Eventually, people were able to pick up on my positive vibes. For the record, being zealous is a talent and an art and that is a secret power that nobody can take away from me.

Lately, however, one of my colleagues faced an overload of unfair job duties that was forced on her by a senior staff member who was unwilling to do it herself. This presented the perfect opportunity from my colleague to speak up for her when I realized that she was just one step away from a total collapse by taking on too many tasks. Although people criticized me for what I did, I would willingly do it again. The greatest benefit I gained from this situation is that I can now work towards two essential leadership steps.

A. Insecurity is the main aspect that led to the collapse. For a long time, my colleague was too frightened to step into the office and she was unable to work well because of her fears. Also, the office vibe didn’t offer her much space to build any connections. So, the question that arose was ‘How do you communicate with others when you are isolated by your own insecurities?’

B. Political culture is also an important contributing factor in slowing down the speed of business development. In this case, I personally witnessed how insecurity led to leadership that was failing and unethical. A culture like this can be cancerous and in this case, its the type of cancer that spreads like wildfire. This is almost like an Achille’s heel used to eventually break the bonds of trust and loyalty.

Converting perspective into words, effectively and coherently formulating the idea, also assists me to catch business dynamics